SGA Senator Emphasizes “Bi-Partisan” Platform

Claire Hogg, News Writer •


Caroline Mosteller

With his year as a senator off to its start, Orlando Martinez has his focus on cake, cameras, and campus change.

On September 7, Emory & Henry announced this year’s Student Government Association senators and Martinez was one of three selected to represent the sophomore class.

Martinez is in his second year at E&H and is hoping to major in Political Science with a minor in Economics. Despite being difficult to contact due to his hectic schedule, Orlando is full of ideas and dedicated to creating change on campus.

“A lot of people are coming to me with random issues they have on campus. It’s an interesting role, and I appreciate having it. My role is to advocate and fight for these issues that they elected me on,” Martinez said.

One of the issues that he finds most important, and that he used as his platform during the election, is the small size of the new dessert plates offered in Van Dyke Center. According to Martinez, at the start of the semester, many students were outraged at the lack of space on the plates in the dessert section of the dining hall.

“So, basically, we came this semester and there were tiny dessert plates that fit,

like, one little piece of cake on there and it bothered me a little bit. I can’t say I was, like, torn up about it, but then I heard a lot of people talking about how they didn’t like these plates. When I was running for senate, I said, ‘What is an issue people care about?’ I know I’m a little political sometimes, but I wanted them to know that me caring about Emory & Henry is bi-partisan. I don’t care if you vote red or blue; I want to fight for you. That’s why I ran on actual issues, instead of politics,” Martinez said.

In addition to his desire to make change in the cafeteria, Martinez cited the existence of cameras outside each townhouse as problematic and inappropriate. These cameras, along with the new emergency phones in the village, are a new effort by the college to improve safety.

Martinez expressed his belief that they are unnecessary and explained that he is working to create a petition against the cameras.

“We don’t have good lighting on campus and I think the least of our worries should be every single person coming in and out of those houses,” he said.

Martinez is well-known across campus for his vibrant social media presence, which he often uses as a platform to discuss political issues.

Last year, he posted a video of him shooting a gun as a promotion for the College. During his campaign, he posted a video about the cake plate issue.


“That’s kinda what I like doing; I like making waves. That’s the environment I

want to create on campus. Coming from Houston, TX and being a first generation U.S. citizen and college student, I kinda just grew up in unordinary environments.

Now that I’m here, I can’t sit back and be ordinary. That’s kinda what I want to bring to Emory,” Martinez said.

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