Pet of the Week

Hannah Long, News Editor •


Hannah Long

Smudge is a cat who thinks she’s a venomous demon from the depths of hell. Her two moods are “wanting to kill you” and “too tired to kill you, though still wanting to kill you.”

We’re pretty sure she’s the reincarnation of an ancient evil queen who chooses to take out her frustration at being confined to this mortal form by biting anyone that tries to hold her and randomly attacking intruders to her domain (her domain is the whole world).

On the plus side, she’s a gorgeous gray kitty with striking brown eyes and an adorable meow.

Smudge is a great cat and we love her so much. There is no cat like Smudge anywhere else in the world, probably. She is a very unique cat, and despite her aggressiveness, she’s secretly very sweet.

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