Matt Galloway EHCMBB Assistant: The Road to Exit 26

Andrew McClung, Sports Editor •

As a freshman at Hood College, one day Matt Gallo- way was asked by one of his coaches, “what do you want to do when you graduate?”

Galloway knew in his head that he didn’t want to work a regular 9-5 job at a company when he graduated.

“Basketball is my passion and I knew that I wanted to affect kids’ lives, have a positive impact, and try to make a difference,” said Galloway.

Galloway grew up in Northern Virginia, attending Potomac Falls High School. Galloway is the son of Carolyn and Steve Galloway, two premiere athletes that did not play basketball. Galloway’s mother was a star runner, while his father was a star football player. Basketball didn’t become part of Matt’s plan until later in his life.

“I grew up playing a lot of baseball and running track. Basketball at the time to me was just a hobby, and I really didn’t start taking it serious until later in my life.”

Galloway ended up playing his first year of school basketball his junior year of high school. During that season, Galloway helped guide Potomac Falls to a state championship. One year later the team just fell short of another state title, falling in the state championship game. It was during that time though that Galloway realized how much of a passion he had for the game of basketball.


“I really instilled basketball into myself, because I was the first in my family to play. At first it was a hobby, but it really grew into a passion of mine. It’s a sport that you can work on by yourself to get better, or with a group of friends. There’s never a time you can’t work on it. It’s ultimately what I love to do now,” said Galloway.

After Galloway’s high school career wrapped up, he was given the opportunity to extend his career at Hood College, a small divi- sion III school in Maryland. Galloway stayed there for two years before he left for Blacksburg, Virginia to attend Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) where Galloway’s father played football.

At Virginia Tech Galloway started out as a manager for the Men’s Basketball Team. It was during that time Galloway got one of his first glimpses at what the coaches do behind the scenes and realized even more that coach- ing is what he wanted to do. Eventually Galloway was able to walk on to the team before being offered a scholarship in his final year with the Hokies.

“It meant a lot, coach (Buzz Williams) blessed me with the opportunity to get a scholarship. Being a manager I wanted to do everything I could, to become a college coach. Then coach (Williams) blessed me with the opportunity to walk on, and then my final year I received a scholarship. I was very grateful about the opportunity, it definitely helped my parents out, and was nice because it was coach recognizing all the hard work I had done. I was very appreciative and very grateful for the opportunity that not many people get to have.”


After Galloway’s time at Virginia Tech, he was ready to find his first coaching job. During the summer of 2017 Galloway was looking all over for a job. Eventually a former coach would help him find his way to Emory, Virginia.

“Coach Jeff Reynolds heard of the opening at Emory & Henry, called me and told me that I should get my foot in the door and apply for the job. Immediately after I got off that phone with Coach Reynolds, I called Coach Willson.”


Coach Willson has known Coach Reynolds for a while saying he has the upmost respect for him. Galloway would eventually come down to Emory & Henry for an interview with Coach Willson.

“Before the interview Coach Reynolds spoke highly of Coach Galloway’s work ethic, unselfishness, perseverance, and character. Throughout his interview, he confirmed those qualities while showing a sincere eagerness to become a part of our program,” said Willson.

Galloway has had the opportunity to play and now coach under some outstanding coaches. Galloway has played under coach Buzz Williams, who coaches the Virginia Tech Hokies and the United States U19 national basketball team. He now has the opportunity to coach under David Willson who in just four seasons turned a lackluster basketball program, into one of the most premiere teams in the conference.


“Being under great coaches you learn a lot, and you pick up a lot of different things; off the court and on the court. You learn a lot about life and who you are. One thing all the coaches have in common, every day they come to work, they always look to get better and make the team better,” said Galloway.

Galloway is more than ready for the opportunity to go out on the court and coach, because he sees it as more than just coaching the players on the court.

“I love being able to work with the kids and coaching is not what is always on the court. It’s seeing kids grow and being able to help in their life. Being young, it helps knowing what it’s like to be in the player’s shoes and see their perspective of situations. Through hard work anything is possible, and I hope that is something that I can help instill in their minds,” said Galloway.

When asked what he wants to be known by when fans, and other members of the community see him, Galloway responded by saying “hopefully they see me as a coach at E&H.”

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