“It” Film Review

Regan Booth, Columnist • rebooth15@ehc.edu


Courtesy of the Official IT Facebook Page

There are spoilers for the new It movie, so watch out, we all float here.

The It movie has been out for a couple weeks now, but still people can not seem to stop discussing it. With the influx of memes, scared moviegoers, and the approach of Halloween, Stephen King is definitely smiling at the box office on this one. While Stephen King’s books are famous internationally for indulging our fears, the movies sometimes do not make Mr. King so happy.

The movie adaptation of The Shining for instance, made him very upset. The original It movie however, was pretty well followed by the book, and this new remade version follows that as well. Since Heath Ledger changed the way that most villains are portrayed now after his role as the Joker, this is what the new actor who plays Pennywise the dancing singing alien clown of doom seemed to go for, adding a new edge to the character.

My personal favorite part of this movie were the performances by the child actors. Bill, was played excellently in my opinion, staying in character in impressively subtle ways. For ex- ample, even while he was just standing around being scared, his mouth still shivered like he was still stuttering silently. This was an excellent form of staying in character, which I think added something special to the movie with this actor being included.

Rising child actors of this on screen era keeps getting better and better, and the band of kids in this movie is a 2017 group like the Goonies and will probably be immortalized as just as excellent. Scary movies that are actually good movies is what Stephen King has consistently given us, and it is refreshing that this is still the case even with a remake.

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