Equestrian Finish 5th

Mylan Brewer, Sports Writer • bmbrewer16@ehc.edu

The Intermont Equestrian of Emory & Henry College IDA team galloped off to a great start Sunday, with a third- place finish at Virginia Tech.

The team finished 3rd overall. In the first level, Jennalee Curtis got second place with a score of 72.813%. Eli Worth-Jones received a score of 66.563%. Kate Maharis placed 4th with a score of 71.923%, in upper training.

In lower training: Bob- bie Jo Adist placed 3rd with a score of 78.261%, Odessa Thacker placed 5th with a score of 75%, and Emily Johnson scored 69.3348%. In the intro level Delaney Dunne nished 4th with a score of 74.4% and Caroline French received a score of 67.8%.

After placing 5th in lower training, Odessa Thacker stated, “considering it was my first time competing on the dressage team, I felt very confident with how I scored. Hopefully after a couple more shows, I’ll really have a hang of the discipline.” The Wasps will be back in action this weekend at Averett University.

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