E&H Implements “Don’t Cancel Class”

Hailey Ellis, Arts & Life Editor • hmellis15@ehc.edu


Photo by Emily Bunn

Last Spring Emory & Henry gained a new face on campus. Alana Simmons is the new project coordinator for the Office on Violence Against Women. The position is new at E&H and was created by the OVW grant which E&H received last year. OVW stands for The Office on Violence Against Women which currently has 25 different grant programs permit- ted by the Violence Against Women Act of 1994, according to the United States Department of Justice website.

The Don’t Cancel Class Initiative is a new program this semester that was developed after the first meeting prior classes started with the help of the faculty. Within the first two days after the meeting, Alana stated that she had already received six different

requests from professors. In the case that a professor is ill, at a conference or for some other reason absent, they do not cancel. Instead, class is still held and students are taught about Title IX and the resources available to them.


Alana Simmons explained the initiative, “Don’t Cancel Class is something borrowed from other colleges and universities that are a part of Emory & Henry’s OVW grant cohort it is a multidisciplinary approach to engaging with the students about some of the programs offered on campus. It is particularly helpful in reaching out to students who we might not necessarily run into. This is a great opportunity to engage with the students here on campus.”

So far the list of professors who have taken advantage of this opportunity has included Kelly Bremner, Nicole Drewitz-Crockett, Celeste Gaia, Sarah Fisher, Mary Ellis-Rice, and Jerry Jones.

Junior Jack Harris stated that he thought this was a positive move for Emory & Henry. He said, “I’m glad to see this campus making an effort to make everyone feel more safe and secure.”

Rebekah Finch a exchange student from Exeter University also voiced her

appreciation and approval of the program. She stated, “It seems quite new but I think it is definitely helpful to have those resources available.”

Amara Anwar who is also an exchange student from the University of Nottingham stated her thoughts on Don’t Cancel Class, “It’s good that she gave us phone numbers and things that we could take away from it and not just a presentation.”

The overall response on the E&H campus seems to be positive between the faculty and the students.

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