Cinema of the Week: Kingsman – The Golden Circle

Kristen Hines, Columnist •

The fall is getting kicked off by having a great deal of ass-kicking, in both school and in movies. This week, we’re talking about the newest action hit, Kingsmen: Golden Circle, the highly anticipated sequel to the surprising hit, Kingsmen: Secret Service.

For those who don’t know, Kingsmen was originally based on an British-American action comic series in 2012… but that’s all you need to know because the 2014 Kingsmen film made their very own adaptation, with only bits of pieces of their source material, including the title. The movies follow Eggsy, a teenager who decides to follow his father in becoming a Kingsmen. It is essentially a group of gentlemen who specialize in polite- ness and kicking butt while still looking crisp and refined in their tailored suits. I won’t spoil the plot for you, as it is a spy movie, and not knowing the plot makes the initial viewing more exciting — so try to avoid spoilers.


Unfortunately, the “Golden Circle” is more a sequel than it is a stand-alone film. Those who watched the first one will be delighted by all the callbacks to the first film while enjoying the new plot and hard-core action. Those who didn’t watch the first, will be left in the dust by the viewers who understand all the in-jokes and references. But that’s not to say you won’t enjoy it even if you didn’t watch the first one. The film packs in tons of swearing, fighting, and blood to make any movie-goer happy. It may be more of a summer-flick, but call it an early treat so as to treat yourself to some action as the school year starts kicking in.

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