Born in Trouble

Sam Page, Columnist •

This piece was born out of what I’ve been seeing in the news and hearing around me. It is an unfinished work that is presented unfinished on purpose. This is my story, not all stories. This is my truth, not all truths. Use this not as a template but as a starting point to a deeper understanding.

I am just another black story.

Yelling of my pain handed down from generation to generation.

See I was born in trouble.

Just another black story crying for the freedom stripped from my people so long ago when we were plucked by the root from the shores of our ancestors.

Another black story saying their names names and kneeling in front of their bodies strewn about my Facebook feed. Like a funeral that never really ends.

I’m tired of telling their stories in broken voice and drying my eyes on their hoodies.

I am black story looking for the tree unfinished, leaves stripped off on purpose and by accident.

Let’s us tell the truth for once!

They took us from our homes, made us learn of their ways and called it right.

Called it our story.

Made themselves the authors and wrote their happy endings in our blood.

They called it law.

They called it just.

They call it the black story.

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