Students Anticipate Completed Carriger Renovations

Hailey Ellis, Arts & Life Editor •


Photo by Taylor Simmons

Lately there have been many changes on our campus. A few of these many changes here at Emory & Henry College have included the renovations to Carriger Hall. The building was originally built between the years 1904 and 1908, and was then simply called “the students home.”

Many students including former residents are thrilled about these new renovations to the all-male hall and have also taken note of the structural condition they were in when they last resided or peered into the buildings.

Junior Austin Falin stated, “I’m glad to see the school making renovations to Carriger and Matthews. The buildings were in pretty rough shape but contribute to the vast history of this campus and consequently are just as deserving of looking good.”

Some are excited about the improvements due to the previous issues they have faced in the past. Junior Tak Jones said,“I will not miss the squeaky floors or the crazy spiders you would find in the shower.”

The previous residents also recall their fond memories of the building and not only look to, but appreciate its historical value as well. Junior Connor Stevenson also shared his thoughts, writing, “I think that it’s great because the sense of community that building brings is awesome! I think it does that due to its unique set-up! Also with its historic background, I believe that if they do the job, and I know they can, it’s going to be an awesome place to live!”

The school has been making changes campus wide, from the new buildings in the village to other renovations like those in Fulton-Miller Hall. Overall, many of the students seem thrilled about the changes coming to Carriger Hall as well as other buildings here on Emory & Henry’s main campus. It seems to revel up a sense of pride in all of Emory & Henry College’s students, past and present.

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