Soul Food

Melody Lipford, Columnist •

As a volunteer, I think it’s important to find new sites or new start-ups in the local community. When new organizations and nonprofits first start they are in desperate need of volunteers to help launch their programs, stores, coordinate important events, and several other important tasks. As insignificant as an hour of service may seem, to a nonprofit that can mean the difference between a completed task or most importantly someone served.

Earlier in September, I decided to explore a new service site, the Samaritan House Thrift Store in Glade Spring. Just opened recently, it is located in the town square. Overall, it is a welcoming atmosphere, greeting customers with brightly painted green doors and rustic wooden tables and chairs outside. Inside, the store is located with a plethora of items from clothing, children’s toys, books, pillows/bedding, kitchenware, various furniture, as well as new items donated weekly. Currently, the store is open Thursday through Saturday from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. I would encourage anyone interested in finding a new service site or even a thrift store to visit, Samaritan House Thrift Store. You can find great bargains, and if you’re volunteering, it’s a worthy cause.

The proceeds from the Samaritan House Thrift Store assist formerly incarcerated women in several areas such as housing, treatment, counseling and support. Anyone is eligible to volunteer at Samaritan House Thrift Store and can sign up to volunteer by visiting their Facebook page or by contacting them at their email:

Currently, this is one of my favorite service sites and I definitely plan on going back. I would recommend anyone to this site and believe this organization serves a worthy cause that will help several women in need.

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