Short Story: “Let’s Make a Movie” – Part 3

Matthew Brosche, Columnist •

“Mister McAllen is here to see you, sir,” Walter said entering Fredrick’s room. Fredrick waved Mark into the room without looking up from what he was writing.

“I think Walter is the only one who calls me sir. I could honestly get used to that,” said Mark.

“Whatcha writing?” Fredrick shushed him.

“I’m in the middle of writing my script, don’t distract me.”

“Are you still doing that?” Mark asked.

“I thought you would have moved on to something else by now.” Fredrick didn’t respond and kept his head down scribbling on the page.

“Isn’t that distracting then?” Mark said pointing to the large screen with The Exorcist playing on it.

“That’s not distracting, that’s inspiring me to write.” Out of curiosity Mark snatched the script out from under Fredrick’s pen and look over it.

“Inspired? You mean more like you just ripped off The Exorcist.” Fredrick grabbed at the unfinished script and attempted to defend himself.

“It’s not a rip-off! If anything it’s a homage. There are so many differences between the two that you really can’t compare them. For example, The Exorcist has a possessed little girl, mine has a possessed little boy, The Exorcist has a priest, and mine has a rabbi.”

“Pretty sure rabbis don’t perform exorcisms,” Mark interrupted.

“Where you watching Die Hard earlier, because the first half of this script is just Die Hard.” Fredrick quickly took back all the pages to his script and angrily put them back on his desk.

“Look, I’m inspired by the world around me, all great artists are. I know you don’t understand that since you don’t possess the same talent as me and all, but if you’re gonna stay here just be quiet.”

Mark sat down on the sofa, frustrated at the arrogance of his supposed friend. Still, he was impressed with that fact that Fredrick hadn’t lost interest in making a movie like he doses with everything else. Mark decided to test how much the movies playing really infused Fredrick, so he took every DVD in the cabinet and repeatedly change them at thirty-minute intervals.

The result was a script that was a bit of Die Hard, a cup of The Exorcist, a teaspoon love Actually, a dash of Star Wars, and the rest was so thrown together that it was hard to determine what genre Fredrick was going for. Fredrick put the script down in awe after rereading it. “My God Mark, I’m a genius!”

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