Pet of the Week

Katie Graves, Online Editor •


Maggie, known as Mags to her closest friends, is hands-down the sweetest and smartest black labrador puppy around! She was born in the countryside of Riner, Virginia and now proudly hails from Radford, where she lives with her family. At only five months old, this talented pup has already mastered many tricks, like “Sit,” “Stay,” “Fetch,” and even “Speak”!

However, sometimes Maggie uses her cleverness for mischief… every once in a while she can be found hiding behind the couch to chew up a pair of shoes or even sneaking off to investigate the cats who live next door! When you first meet Mags, she will either lie down for a belly rub or bring one of her toys to you, expecting you to play an intense game of fetch. She also enjoys car rides, cuddling, playing outside, and snacking on sweet potato flavored treats!

One thought on “Pet of the Week

  1. This spoke to me at a spiritual level. The clever choice of words and sentence structure provides for a interesting and heart-warming read. I love forward to hearing more from this talented writer! Keep the good work up!


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