Mungai’s Outdoor Retreat

Sam Mungai, Columnist •


Photo by Sam Mungai

Over the summer, a group of people from GenèveRando (Geneva hiking group) and few members of the Swiss Alpine club and myself, took part in an adventure of a lifetime, like no other. We were all going to embark on a seven hour hike to the mountain called Luisin in Chablais Alps, overlooking Les Marécottes in the canton of Valais.

This hike was going to the most challenging yet because the temperatures were going to a ridiculous below zero degrees Celsius [32 Fahrenheit] and the crazy altitude levels that can affect every part of your body.

The team and I drove from Geneva to Marécottes in Valais , which took about three hours, while driving there we say some alluring views of mountains that were in the surrounding cities as well as different forms of wildlife that graciously stared at us as we passed by. Once at Marécottes, the team had a cup of coffee in the nearby coffee shop, before taking a cable cart to take us to the start of point.

To be honest that cable cart ride was absolutely scary, because each time we got higher, there the drop between me and the cable cart was getting significantly bigger and bigger, I was like, “I ain’t  going to die on this mountain, am too young to die bro.”

Once at the start-up point,  the guides of GenèveRando and the Swiss Alpine club got concerned about my level of inexperience as well as gear that I had, and if I had read about the difficulty level of the hike, to be hundred percent honest I told them I thought I was boss to do such a hike and that It was going to easy. Judging by my response to their concern and my lack of experience the guides they told me to remain at the back so that they can help me get through the hike.

The hike was long and traitorous with lots of steep and vertical edges and slopes, there was a point during the hike where I slept and almost fell to my death, but luckily the guides caught me before that happened. The rough terrain and various ladders we had to climb and chains we had to hold with our bare hands in the sub-zero temperatures to keep balance made it feel as if we were climbing mount Everest in Switzerland.

Once we got to the summit, a crazy altitude of 2839.27 meters high [9315.19 feet] above sea live level, the accolade of claps and cheers from my fellow hiking teammates will be something that will forever be in my memory forever. After taking a relaxing lunch break on the submit, we took one group picture and then started the unforgettable and hardest decent of my life.

Once off the mountain, we all changed out from our gear and then made our way back to Geneva.

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