Love Makes

Sam Page, Columnist •

I battled with this piece. Because it’s a hard question to answer. Because you can’t define love with a dictionary or with a google search. Love is bigger than the lies we tell ourselves to make it through. So I dedicate this piece to those still struggling with the cage love builds around them:

Love, it makes you crazy, makes you weak and feeble. It tells you yes when you say no. Love tells you no when you say please. Makes you hungry and starving but food is the enemy. What if you grow too ugly. Displeasing to his eye. So starve. Make yourself quiet and sweet and smart but not too smart because love says don’t make him think too hard, don’t challenge him. Love says no one likes their boy too smart. Love says don’t be equals. Let him draw you a line and you follow it like an ant smelling his sweet pheromones of tobacco and musk. Make yourself in his image and only in his shadow. Love says good boy. Love says look how much of me he has for you. Look how he doesn’t hurt you or beat you or scorn you. Loves says you’re lucky. Love says you did it. Loves says give him what he wants. Love says you’re lucky. Love says don’t argue. Love says listen. Love says give. Love says shut up love.  Let me go. Take your hands off my leash and let me be in love. Love is not love when love is a bully too strong to release.

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