LoGrande Determined for Senior Year

Will Seidel, Sports Editor • waseidel16@ehc.edu

A senior and leader of the Emory & Henry Men’s Cross Country team, Michael LoGrande had big goals for his final year at E&H until a stress fracture in one of LoGrande’s legs changed that. “I was pretty set on going out and beating the school record,” said LoGrande, who was one of E&H’s top runners before the injury.

LoGrande spent every day biking and swimming for 5-6 weeks to rehab his fractured femur. The worst part of the rehab for LoGrande was not being able to run. “That was the most frustrating part of the entire situation for me, because I wanted to do more and be able to run again sooner but with a stress fracture in a major bone like that, all you can do is remove any kind of impact from your training routine.”

LoGrande has been impressive in his first two races of the season coming back from the injury; in the first race at the Western Carolina Invitational, finishing with a time of 18:38. LoGrande did even better in his second race, finishing almost two minutes better with a time of 16:56.

When asked if he was back up to speed from his injury, LoGrande replied, “I’m definitely not where I was when I was in my prime and that is definitely a frustrating scenario to deal with.” Despite not being able to run at his full potential, LoGrande still keeps a positive attitude and gives it everything he has. “I expect myself to give it everything I have left to give and set the example for my teammates and act as an effective leader for my team.”

LoGrande also spoke about his goals for his senior year, which has changed since the injury. “Since the injury, my goal is to be a strong leader and good teammate so I can make those around me better. I work towards these goals everyday aby working to never miss practice and keep complaints to myself so I can set an example for my teammates.”

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