Cinema of the Week: In the Heights

Kristen Hines, Columnist •

With the Halloween spirit awake and ready, despite Halloween being over a month away, what better to kick off the spooky season than with the newest retelling of Stephen King’s famous novel, IT. And let’s just say, if you have a fear of clowns, you may want to look into a more tame horror movie, because this one actually warrants the ‘R’ rating.

The movie follows the lives of seven young kids who live in the town of Derry, Maine, which has been known for multiple incidents involving the deaths of children for years. Of course, the center of it all, is a supernatural being, simply known as IT, who terrorizes the children of Derry in the hopes of getting its claws on them.

The book itself is famous enough, but many people know the name IT from the famous 1990 movie adaptation, or mini-series, starring big name Tim Curry as the monster. While the movie was famous in its time, some would say that it certainly hasn’t aged well in terms of scares, a story that jumps between the main characters as children and as adults, and being incredibly long to sit through.

This new adaptation captures the hearts and scares the audience by staying faithful to the book, taking full advantage of the ‘R’ rating in terms of gore, creating two movies so as to adapt the full story successfully without running too long, and adding much more atmosphere to up the creepy. While many still have the opinion that the Tim Curry version of the monster is scarier, you can’t deny that the new Pennywise certainly has his moments, looking ready to lunge out of the screen and eat the audience.

Like with all reboots and remakes, viewers can debate for hours on which one will be better. However, IT (2017) adds more scares and adds new improvements to be it’s own movie. If you feel like getting scared with a bunch of friends in a dark room in a terrifying but still fun manner, then go catch IT (2017) in theaters. They all float down there.

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