Carruth Trying to Make One Last Mark

James Bruce, Sports Writer •

Cody Carruth, one of Emory & Henry’s esteemed Soccer players, has been playing for the Wasps for all four of his years at E & H College. However, his love for the game seemed to develop almost from the moment he could walk. At the early age of just four, Cody began to hone the skills that would set him up later in life to excel in the E & H first team. As a young Chelsea FC fan, with hopes of becoming the next Frank Lampard spurring him on, Cody decided to begin participating in recreational Soccer and after a few years of enjoying the game and becoming comfortable in a game environment, he took his first serious step in trying out for his local club team Powhatan Fury SA. Here, he spent a decade playing as a versatile forward and forming bonds with his teammates which would instil a love of the game which seems to have not broken to this day. This was not the only Soccer-related endeavour that Cody pursued though: what truly demonstrates Cody’s dedication to the sport is his management of not only playing for Powhatan Fury, but also managing to play and contribute to his Middle School and High School teams too.

This abundance of experience set Cody in great stead for his career playing for the Wasps, as something that had once been a dream of his had truly become a reality. In his first season, he played in all sixteen matches, starting in eight of them and even notching his first E & H goal just two and a half months into the season versus Guilford. Cody kept up this strong form throughout his entire career, averaging no less than 12 matches a season for the next two seasons and is currently part of E & H’s soccer team this year, where he plays forward but can be utilised on the wings also.

For Cody, it is not just the winning that matters though. In his four years playing for Emory he states that it is the life-long friends and close connections that he has made that is what truly makes him feel proud an honoured to have spent his time at this College so worthwhile. This sense of brotherhood is evident in his response to my question of what he enjoyed most about his soccer career, when he stated that “it has been a privilege and an honour to play at the collegiate level…I have played with some great guys who are like family to me and forever will be. We’ve made awesome history together for the college and the men’s soccer program, which helps make the bonds we have even tighter”.

Despite this affinity for Soccer, Cody’s main ambition is to one day become a U. S. Marshall. He plans to major in Sociology and History, which combined with the many attributes he has gained from his lifetime experiences in soccer, should set him up well to excel in this field that he aspires to succeed in. This was obvious when he told me how he “loves helping people” and wants to leave a “positive impact” on those around him, which can only help in his pursuit of a federal career. Nevertheless, this does not seem to have altered his focus on the rest of the season, as he looks to finish his Emory career on a high. He believes that as a team they are “capable of making more history this season” and is excited to see what the team can do as he finishes his senior season and eighteenth year of playing soccer. After three wins and three losses so far this season, Cody’s ambitions for the team remain to be seen. Although, one thing is certain: this experienced veteran will give it his all before the season is out.

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