E&H Reacts: Fulton-Miller Renovations

Hailey Ellis, News Writer • hmellis15@ehc.edu


Photo by Matthew Wingfield


Fulton-Miller Hall has been on Emory & Henry’s campus for many years. The History, Mass Communications, and Physics departments are all located there.

The front portion of the academic building, Fulton, which was named after one of the school’s founders, Creed Fulton,  has been standing since 1914. The back half of the building, known to students as Miller, was originally named after James Shannon Miller in 1967. Some believe the building was outdated and has been long overdue for renovation. One student, junior Jacob Lawson stated, “I thought Miller had a dark, dingy feeling to it, like a state of despair.”

While many students were away this summer the school renovated Fulton-Miller. Students on campus have had a mostly positive response to the renovations which include a fresh layer of white paint, new touch screen active boards, new tables, new chairs, and the entrance door to Fulton being fixed. Junior Sam Page said, “I believe it is a step in the right direction.” Junior Austin Falin said, “I like the way it is looking right now, it is nice to see the school taking pride in the older buildings and as well as the newer ones on campus.”

Junior Missy Jones was enthusiastic about the new technology, but was not too thrilled about some of the other changes to the familiar building.

She said, “I think it is better than before. The new technology is nice, but I hate the paint.”

Jacob Lawson had similar feelings though also voiced concern for handicapped and injured students, saying, “I do like the way it looks now. It definitely looks more modern and that is more comfortable for students, but I feel like the renovations could have done more for the accessibility though.” The concern for handicapped students and access to Fulton-Miller also struck a chord with junior Emaly Allison, as she also stated, “I like what they have done but there isn’t anything making the building more accessible.”

Overall, some students at Emory & Henry seem satisfied with many of the new changes to Fulton-Miller though some seem to have expected more.

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