Short Story: “Let’s Make a Movie” Part 2

Matthew Brosche, Columnist •

ferrari-721858_1920 2

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The bright red Ferrari sped up to the Best Buy, parking with one tire up on the curb. Fredrick jumped out the car ignoring Mark, who was still reeling from motion sickness caused by Fredrick’s driving. While Mark was busy painting the sidewalk with his lunch, Fredrick walked past the automatic doors with the confidence of someone who could buy up half store’s inventory without needing to look at any of the prices.

“Hello sir, how can I help you today,” asked the employee with the robotic disinterest of someone who has worked the same job for too long.

“Yes, I need to know which one of these cameras they use for theatrical movies. I’m on my way to Oscar gold you see, and I’ll need only the best for my film.” The employee’s face lit up with the knowledge that he could sell Fredrick anything and he would buy it without question.

“Well, we just got this brand new camera in called the… Uh, ZX13950. It’s what all the best directors are using.”

“Perfect, I’ll take it!” Fredrick cried grabbing the camera.

“You seem to know a lot about cameras, do you happen to know anyone who can run the cameras for my movie?” The employee began to smirk and spoke with false modesty.

“Well, I just so happen to make vlogs on YouTube. My channel has over 2000 subscribers, so yeah, I know a little something about cameras.”

“What are you doing working here with a 2000 subscriber YouTube channel?” Fredrick asked knowing next to nothing about YouTube.

“Well you know, not everyone sees my creative genius yet, so I got to pay the bills some how,” said the employee while actively ignoring another customer trying to get his attention.

“Well why don’t you work for me, I could use someone who knows what he’s doing. I can pay you well,” the employee saw Fredrick’s offer as the first step to a lavish Hollywood career.

“Sounds great! I’ll just have to quit my job here. In fact,” the employee handed his phone to Fredrick. “Here, film this, my subscribers will love it. And by the way, names Sam.”

Sam jumped up on the counter and began to yell.

“Listen up everybody! I’m getting out of this dump and making it to the big time, I’ll try to remember all you little people when I’m at the top!”

Some customers applauded Sam’s display while most were just confused. Sam threw off his Best Buy employee shirt and stormed out the doors.

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