All Sports Day for Girls

Cam Derr, Sports Writer •

All Sports Day is quickly approaching at Emory & Henry, where you might notice a few young faces on campus! E&H will be hosting the 21st annual All Sports Day for Girls.

This event is for young girls ranging from elementary to middle school age, it is an opportunity for them to try out the women’s sports offered here.

All will participate in five sessions those being Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, and Volleyball, as well as meet the athletes from the Swim, Cross-country, and Golf teams.

This event will involve girls coming from all over Southwestern Virginia, and give them the chance to interact with the female athletes on campus. In charge of it all is Coach Scruggs who says her favorite part of All Sports Day is “our women athletes getting to interact with the girls who attend and have the opportunity to help them learn new sports skills just like someone taught them when they were younger, and seeing the young girls have so much fun. Well, and I like the part of our athletes getting to do community service that involves their sport.”

All Sports Day for Girls will be as much a success this year, as it has been in years past. Maybe the future of Wasps Women’s Sports will step foot in the King Center, Sunday October 1st!

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