A Year in a Lifetime

Regan Booth, Columnist • rebooth15@ehc.edu


Courtesy of the Official Gilmore Girls Facebook Page


There are slight Gilmore Girls spoilers ahead, but this show is also about 17 years old.

As Fall approaches, it seems to be as if nostalgic shows are more likely to be on TV, while this is always nice, it’s even nicer having these shows whenever and wherever by the means of Netflix.

My show of choice during fall (well, actually any season) is Gilmore Girls. Starting in 2004, the show took us through the trials and tribulations of a hot, smart, single mom and her witty daughter who live in a quirky town in Connecticut. The show has everything from class struggle to dad jokes, and is much more than just an early 2000s chick-flick. Besides all of that, the show ended with Rory (the daughter) graduating from Yale and going to be a reporter following Barack Obama’s campaign trail all while Lorelei (hot, single mom of Rory) got back together with the love of her life. Just in case you were wondering, it ended on good terms with her parents.

The show mainly centers around the rocky relationship with Lorelei and her parents, as well as with Luke (the love of her life). The show ended in a sort-of “blah” way, and many fans were left unsatisfied. But not to fear because Netflix constructed a reunion last November–four short films called “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.” Each film revolved around what happened for each season in a particular year, hence the title: “Year in the Life”.

The show had almost all of the original cast, which is particularly nice for Gilmore Girls since the smaller characters play such a big part in the overall feel of everything. It also makes this reunion seem like viewers just missed a few years of Lorelai and Rory’s lives. While some fans have had mixed reviews about the reunion special (especially over the actions of Rory), the major issue is how the last film ended. The original series ended with questions unanswered and so did the reboot, and it is up in the air about there being more films or even a new continued series.

Since it’s been nearly a year since the reunion aired, maybe there will be news about a continuance? Seemingly, only time will tell.

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