The Hut Brings New Breakfast Options

Jacob Lawson, News Writer •


Photo by Emily Bunn


Student life on Emory & Henry’s campus has many new changes this semester. One update that’s been a surprise is the WOW Café, known to students as the Hut, will be open for breakfast.

Currently, the Hut sells breakfast from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, overlapping with the Van Dyke Cafeteria’s breakfast hours of 7:00 AM to 9:30 AM. The Hut offers bacon-egg-and-cheese biscuits, sausage-egg-and-cheese biscuits, chicken biscuits, and a  breakfast burrito as combos with hashbrowns. Students can use their meal swipes with the new menu, and for an additional charge, the Hut offers many extra breakfast options like pancakes and biscuits & gravy.

The manager of the Hut Ms. Treva Watson provided some insight into the decision to bring WOW Café breakfast to the E&H Campus. “I decided to offer breakfast because I had many requests from upper class students,” she explained. On the topic of student reactions, Ms. Watson said, “I’m happy with what I’m allowed to offer. I’m getting great feedback from the students. I believe the students like the idea of having more options after Van Dyke Cafeteria is closed. We are also providing a value to all students because now there’s 4 hours of breakfast rather than 2 hours. We also have a meal swipe deal offered at breakfast which is a huge deal”.

No one would disagree that an expansion of breakfast hours to 4 hours is providing a service for students. The food provided by the Hut’s new breakfast menu is similar to that of a high-quality fast food, offering more flavorful options for students who aren’t interested in eating the Van Dyke breakfast or cannot make it to Van Dyke before breakfast hours are over.

Senior Jacob Dye has a very positive outlook on the new breakfast options saying, “I love the chicken biscuits, and they put honey butter on them, so that’s great. The breakfast burritos are really good. And both are meal swipes so that’s nice”. He also reflects some of the anticipation for coming additions to the Hut’s meal options having said, “they’re supposed to have coffee soon, so that’ll be a plus when that comes in”. Despite some minor issues, like crumbling biscuits, student response to the new breakfast options has been very popular.

However, some students have not tried the Hut’s new breakfast as of yet. A junior Spencer Dillon gave his reasons, “I haven’t really had time to eat breakfast because of classes. I honestly don’t see why they made a breakfast menu. Most of the time students go there for a quick bite between afternoon classes or late classes”. Another E&H junior Campbell Hancock said, “I just hadn’t really thought about going. My class schedule doesn’t allow me to go three days out of the week and the other days I usually skip breakfast and sleep”. The issue stopping students from going to the Hut breakfast currently seems to be an issue of convenience.

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