So How About That Ice Dragon?

Regan Booth, Columnist •


Courtesy of the Official HBO Facebook Page


Forewarning, there are Game of Thrones Spoilers that are about to be discussed.

Now that the seventh season of what some (me) would say is the greatest show of all time, we all can take a breather and sit down to think about what it is we just watched.

Despite the fact that the Night King is now riding a Dragon that he essentially one-speared without even blinking an icey eye, the main characters for the most part got through this season unharmed.

While it did seem like most of the season was just build up for the final big episode, the build up at least was what we all wanted. Lady Onella telling Jamie that she was the one to kill Geoffrey and drinking that poison down like it was nothing was personally my favorite moment. The issues that I had with this season were that for one thing, the episodes were still only an hour (after making us wait well over a year for this season), and Euron Greyjoy. Since Ramsay Bolton’s death by dogs, the show had to replace the major crazy person, which they did, with Euron. While Ramsay and Geoffrey are legit psychotic and so is Euron, Euron is more of the swaggering “I will kill you because I am amazing,” type. The last two chosen crazy people killed just because they liked it.

This is just my opinion, but personally when Euron saw the member of the dead army that was brought to Cesei, and left, I was not sad about it. Gearing up for season eight it is safe to say that we can get excited for Jon probably being on a dragon, and get worried about what Dany will think about not being the actual rightful heir, and oh yeah, the fact that impending doom is heading South in the form of zombies and a flying dead dragon.

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