Short Story: “Let’s Make a Movie” Part 1

Matthew Brosche, Columnist •


Courtesy of


As the credits began to roll Fredrick and Mark sat on the large sofa in silence.

“Well, that was stupid,” Fredrick said popping the disk out of the DVD player.

“Oh come on, it wasn’t that bad,” Mark said, “I thought the music was pretty good.”

“No.” Fredrick said definitively, “That stupid twist at the end made the whole thing unwatchable.” Fredrick crossed the large bedroom to the ornate cabinet that was situated next to the unused ivory piano.

“What do you wanna watch now?” Mark asked as Fredrick pulled open the cabinet doors open allowing all the DVDs to fall to the floor in an unorganized pile.

“I don’t know. I’ve seen every one of these multiple times, and I still don’t like any of them,” Fredrick replied absentmindedly tossing the finished film on top of the pile.

“Your standards are just way too high.” Mark said as he hit a button on the intercom, “Walter, can you bring us some more popcorn.”

An old voice crackled through the speaker. “Right away sir.”

“I don’t think my standards are that high,” Said Fredrick, “I just know what makes a good movie and a bad movie.”

“You said the same thing about painting and look how that turned out,” Mark said pointing to a large canvas stained with puke green paint splotches hanging inside a golden frame.

“It’s abstract!” Fredrick cried defensively. “I’ll have you know every person I showed it too had nothing but good things to say.” Mark chuckled.

“Yeah, I’m sure none of them were influenced by your wealth.”

Fredrick was about to say something when the door to his room creaked open, and the old butler entered carrying a large bowl of popcorn.

“Thanks.” Said Mark quickly grabbing the bowl.

“While you’re here Walter, clean up the mess in front of the cabinet,” said Fredrick not even looking at the butler. Walter walked over to the old cabinet without complaint, and as he bent down to clean the mess, his old bones creaked and snapped.

“You know what.” Fredrick said, “I can do a better job than any of these so called film makers, and I’ll prove it.” Mark sighed.

“Come on dude, can’t we just watch a movie without…” Fredrick interrupted him.

“I’ll be the star, I’ll write it as well, and of course I’ll have to direct, but I’ll need actors, and sets, and cameras.” Fredrick jumped up from the couch and turned to the butler hunched over his work.

“Walter, bring the car around, I’m gonna make a movie!”

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