Mungai’s Outdoor Retreat

Sam Mungai, Columnist •


Photo by Sam Mungai


Gentry Creek Falls, is a waterfall that is located about 40 minutes away from Emory& Henry college in Tennessee.  This beauteous body of water attracts many avid thrill-seeking individuals from all over the state, who are looking to experience the natural peace of nature.  The water fall sits in between two huge sense rocks, the water that is constantly flowing creates a Zen like atmosphere for many who are looking for a peaceful retreat after a long week.

On Sunday 3 September 2017, the Emory & Henry outdoors program, who thrives and lives on adventure alone, took about eighteen of their enthusiastic participants to this serene location. The group which consisted of a mixture of freshmen, sophomores, Juniors and seniors, took the forty- minute ride to this location. Some in the group, where new to this kind of adventure, and others were already accustomed to it, but all in all, everyone was looking forward to seeing the cascading rush of the waterfall.

The journey started off with a brief introduction to everyone’s name, hometown, year and spirit animal, which to be honest was a quit the ice breaker because it was going to be a bit awkward going for a hike without knowing anyone’s name. But anyway, since everyone in the group knew a bit about each other, we started trekking into the dense forest. Everywhere we past we saw say small beds of water rippling down into rivers, we saw different animal species that crawled and flew around us. As we got near to the big mother board of al waterfalls, the number of rivers we had to cross increased to, we came from crossing one or two after every few hours to about ten every few minutes we walked.

After a couple, more hours and minutes of crossing rivers and climbing rocks, we finally arrived at the mother of all waterfalls.  As it size dominates the space it occupies and its waters flowing till eternity, everyone around was amazed as its shire magnitude and beauty. As participants took pictures and at ate granola bars, it still amazes me about what shire beauty lies behind these forest, a gorgeousness that one never sees unless they really seek to find it.

After a last glimpse at the mighty waterfall, we trekked back to the van that will take us back to Emory & Henry, during the ride everyone was reminiscing about the majestic waterfall.    

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