Engaged in Transition

I’ve always been stubborn. I used to think that was a bad thing, and that I needed to be more flexible. The older I get, the more I take pride in my stubbornness. Of course, there are times when it is prudent to relinquish my stance for the sake of simplicity, or peace. However, there are other times when I feel the need to shamelessly take my stance and not back down.

I was recently given an assignment in one of my classes that I disagreed with. While I understood what the writing prompt was intending to accomplish, I didn’t think the assignment was asking the right questions. Instead of writing the 300 word assignment, I wrote 300 words about why I felt the assignment was not appropriate and gave what I thought would be a better assessment. I had approached my instructor, for clarification, and thought that my actions were within the guidelines of the assignment because I had been told there were various acceptable approaches.

When I received my graded paper, I had made a decent grade, but was told I hadn’t followed instructions. The teacher told me that I should have followed the instructions instead of providing my opinion. While the teacher was understanding in the reasoning of my actions, he advised to be more prudent should I encounter a similar situation in the real world. Again, I would like to reiterate that there is a need for balance, and I know I have to pick my battles, but I politely disagree.

Being my stubborn self, I stand by my actions. It is my hope that in the real world, I will work for someone who hired me for my ideas, skills and input. If my employers don’t want my best, and are uninterested in my input, then I don’t think I would want to work with them. Admittedly, some days that may be the case, and that’s a part of life, because, after all, nothing is ever perfectly ideal.

Previously I’ve written about the importance of taking pride in abilities and capabilities. The same idea applies here. I am unwilling to roll over and follow instructions without putting up a good clean fight for my ideas to be heard and considered.

Once more, I would like to say that I know there are times where being stubborn is not the right course of action. Frequently it is better to go with the flow, and follow instructions, but I think it is equally important to emphasize the rights of students and people to take a stand for their opinions.

– Delyn Bull

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