In Memorium

Roxy joined the family one day this summer when Billy’s sister’s heard crying coming from under their front porch. They investigated and found a beagle puppy who appeared to be very hungry and was in desperate need of a bath. They took her in and made her their own. At first they believed that she was a he and named her Rocky.

She quickly became a part of the family, even with a cat in the house. Panda would be playful until he got tired of it and then would let Roxy know enough was enough. Roxy liked to snuggle on the couch, chase Panda around the house, play in the park amongst other things.

Most every night Roxy would go to bed with Billy’s dad and stay there most of the evening. She would follow him around everywhere after Billy’s sisters left for college. She traveled with his mom and dad to all the away games and even visited Emory & Henry for Senior Day during football season.

Tragically Roxy passed away after an incident. She will be dearly missed by those who knew and loved her. It is especially sad now because they also lost Panda right before Christmas.

– Suzie Watts

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