Graffitti Covers Side of Residence Hall

Instances of graffiti on the campus dorm building Matthews-Carriger Hall have taken place within the past few weeks.

This past Saturday afternoon, senior Delyn Bull was in Martin Brock at 4 p.m when she noticed something unusual on the side of the dorm informally known as Carriger.

Graffiti in black spray paint covers the sidewalk, the brick wall facing the Carriger parking lot, and the bottom of the porch.

The graffiti says statements such as “erase this,” “#blessed,” a crossed-out symbol with the phrase “I messed up” underneath it, and “Stoop” with a comical face drawn into the words. The slur “b—-” does occur in the graffiti next to “erase this.” This is the only slur that has been located in the graffiti, which does not seem maliciously intended.

Some students believe that graffiti is just becoming part of campus life, as the spray paint has remained on Carriger since students first began noticing it. The administration at Emory & Henry has made no formal statement on the graffiti, either via mass email from President Schrum or otherwise.

James Austin, a sophomore and History major, commented succinctly on whether or not he was shocked about the graffiti.

“Nope. I’ve just accepted it as part of life,” said James. However, some students are offended by the defacing of the building. Kacey Pennington, a junior and French and Political Science major, is one of them.

“I think that defacing any building on campus is wrong. E&H is our home and should be treated as such. I’m studying abroad this semester and therefore haven’t seen the graffiti, but regardless we should treat our home with respect,” said Pennington.

Ben Westphalen, a sophomore and Environmental Studies major, shared similar feelings as Pennington regarding the graffiti.

“That’s disrespectful. There’s no place at this college for that kind of stuff,” said Westphalen.

No person or group has come forward to claim responsibility for the graffiti on Carriger.

– Hailey Ellis

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