Four E&H Students Win Awards at Southeastern Psychological Association Conference

Before spring break, students from Emory & Henry College took part in the Southeastern Psychological Association conference in Atlanta, GA from March 8-11. And this year’s event may have been Kevin Watts’ favorite.

“This is not the first conference that I have been to, but it was probably my favorite,” said Watts, a senior at E&H. “It provides such an opportunity to learn about different areas of current research that you might not hear about otherwise.”

The conference gave out 16 southeast regional awards, and E&H took home four of them. The four winners for E&H were Myranda Staiano, Beth Stevens, Jordan Greenburg and Rachel Peters.

According to, Staiano’s research focused on altruistic behavior as it relates to religion or spiritually. Greenburg investigated the predictability that psychological aggression has on psychological distress. Stevens’ project sought to investigate the predictive power of corporal punishment and parenting styles on levels of aggression in young adulthood. Peter’s work examined possible discrepancies between ideal and actual body image and how perceived body image can relate to college students’ self-esteem.

“I learned a lot from this experience. There were many opportunities to attend lectures on many different types of research as well as all of the undergraduate posters which we could go around and ask questions about,” said Watts. “The most intriguing thing that I encountered was a research presentation on the effects of adult coloring and its effects on relaxation and attention.”

Watts, Staiano, Stevens, Greenburg, and Peters were accompanied at the conference by fellow students Alan Berry, Hannah Doss, Jessica Harosky, Caroline Taylor, Emilee Young, Danielle Loving, Skyla Renner and Grayson Reynolds.

– Will Seidel

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