Can All College Students Still Benefit from Internships?

College students all over the United States are encouraged to complete at least one or more internships during their time in college. Internships are supposed to give students the necessary hands-on experience within any field that they are interested in pursuing.

An internship can often teach an individual a lot more than the initial working criteria and tasks. Sometimes students can even learn what type of employee he or she really is. Students also learn whether or not they actually want to continue in that career they are considering.

I am currently interning at Emory & Henry College in the sports department. My job is to help promote all of the spring sports and increase fan attendance throughout this semester. Being that I’m a former athlete, I felt like it would be cool to work around sports, and I do enjoy it. But with that being said, I feel like I could contribute on a much larger scale in something other than sports.

As an intern, you are starting from the bottom. You are required to complete the dirty work that nobody wants to do, but someone has to. You may sometimes feel that the tasks you complete aren’t important, but everything you do holds some type of value because it most likely benefits someone else at the job.

The portion of my internship that I find most interesting is the fact that we sit down every week and brainstorm ideas for activities and themes for the upcoming games.
I’m learning that I really enjoy creating more than anything else and I’m interested in exploring my creativity in other activities.

This is a major example of how internships can help you, rather than hurt you. One can learn more about oneself as experience in the workforce is gained.

Internships are also great for networking. If a student does a great job and completes their internship effectively, it provides a great impression that could potentially lead to a job offer. A good amount of students can land jobs because of internships that they’ve completed.

Internship experiences can definitely “place your foot in the door,” as some people say.
Earlier in the week, E & H senior Didier Grillet was interviewed about his current experience as an intern.

“I love it,” Grillet stated. He then added, “If I could land a job doing what I do for my internship, I’d definitely take it.”

Grillet is a former soccer player for Emory & Henry and his internship consists of him helping out the soccer team. His experience is different from mine because he works with a sport that he’s familiar with, as opposed to focusing on multiple sports at once.

Even though Grillet and myself have slightly different experiences, the fact that we both receive on-the-job training is a step forward for both of our careers in the future.

I recommend every college student to complete an internship in any field that interests them. You may be surprised at what you discover.

– Marquise Coleman

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