The Long Drive Home

I was up late the night before placing each of my bags in the trunk of my car like I was putting together a puzzle. All that was on my mind when I finally laid on my stiff bed was seeing that old house again. While I had only been away from home for a few mouths, it felt like decades in my stress filled mind. But now I would get to go home, if only for a week, and see that familiar screen door with the hole in the lower right corner that my dog had made when he was a puppy. The thought of seeing my family again filled me with so much excitement that I couldn’t fall asleep until the clock rolled over from the fourteenth to the fifteenth.

I shot out of bed at the first chirp of my alarm and rushed through my morning routine to get on the road as soon as possible. The sun hadn’t even risen when I turned onto the empty highway leading home. The road seemed to be endless in front of me as I moved ever closer to my goal and other cars joined me on that long stretch of road. When the sun began to rise over the horizon, and the beams of light stuck my face, I began to feel the sleep I had been neglecting catching up to me. My eyes grew heavy, and I struggled to keep from drifting into the other lanes.

I found myself sitting in the familiar backyard that I had spent all my afternoons in as a child, throwing a tennis ball across the yard to entertain the small dog in front of me. The warm sun beamed down on me, as I felt completely relaxed and content. I was thrown out of this relaxing scene as the orchestra of car horns around me snapped me out of my unintentional sleep. I had to quickly turn my car back onto the road since when I woke up I was only a few inches away from driving straight into a ditch. I felt more awake than I ever had after that experience but after only a few miles I felt the temptation of sleep creeping up on me once again.

In an attempt to save my life I turned off of the highway and found the nearest parking lot. Leaning my seat down the furthest it would go I stopped fighting to keep my eyes open and fell asleep. Even if it would take longer before I made it home, in reality, I could at least be at home in my dreams for a time.

– Matthew Brosche

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