Spoken Word Artist Ashlee Haze Performs for Women’s History Month

On Wednesday, March 22, Ashlee Haze stepped onto Emory & Henry’s campus for the first time in her life. It wasn’t just her first time stepping foot on the rural campus, but also her first time hearing about it. Before her March 22 performance in the MCA Black Box Theatre, E&H was unknown to the Spoken Word Artist. After the performance, Haze spoke about what brought her to Emory in the first place and how she was contacted by the school to perform.

After the performance, Haze spoke about what brought her to Emory in the first place and how she was contacted by the school to perform.

“I perform at this showcase called NAFCA which is national association for campus activities. Students come to the conference and they see the artists who are showcasing and decide whether or not to bring them. Luckily Emory & Henry saw me and thought fit to bring me here,” explained Haze.

Haze is a spoken word artist currently living in Atlanta. After writing for 15 years, she has performed her pieces at the Apollo Theater in Manhattan and at coffee shops across the country. Haze has been featured in “3-Minute Activists: The Soul of Slam,” a documentary that explores the artistic lives of rising Spoken Word Artists in Atlanta. She is the 2-time Women of the World Poetry Slam Finalist.

Throughout the evening’s performance in the MCA’s Black Box Theatre, Haze read original poems and excerpts from her book titled, “Land of the Living.”

Haze expressed that she did have personal favorites from her own work.

“If I had to put them side by side I probably couldn’t narrow it down to one, but I could probably get it down to three. The first one is the “The Help Poem,” the last one, “The Missy Elliot Poem,” and then the newest one which is “Self-Reclamation in three parts,” those are just my babies. If I ever had to give somebody the three pieces of work that meant the most to me that’s what I would give,” Haze said.

Haze also spoke about how great of a crowd turned out for the Emory & Henry event, stating she was surprised to see students lined up outside the door and filing in. She stated that the type of treatment she received was terrific and noted that her host had actually walked with her from her car when she arrived.

When asked if she would ever like to come back to E&H, Haze smiled and replied, “Absolutely, I would love to come back.”

– Will Seidel

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