Pet of the Week

My grandmother recently received a guest in her backyard. A chicken by the name of Chicken Geoff appeared a few weeks ago while she was visiting family out of state.

Chicken Geoff was liberated by my little brother from death row. With the help of our mother, Elias left Chicken Geoff in my grandmother’s backyard with a temporary shelter and a large pile of food.

Against any sort of reasoning, my mom was convinced that Gammie (my grandmother) would have no idea who left the chicken and would assume that Chicken Geoff was a wild critter who appeared by his own volition. This was not the case. Upon arriving home, Gammie immediately called my mother and told her she found her new pet. My mother responded with feigned ignorance.

Two weeks later, my Gammie adores Chicken Geoff, and he reciprocates by following her everywhere. He is slowly learning to use the doggy door to come in the house because he doesn’t like to be away from her.

Gammie is concerned that Chicken Geoff is lonely when she’s not around, a problem she expressed to my mom. Mother has found what she considers the perfect companion for Geoff: a llama on Craigslist.

My family might actually be the white trash version of some Netflix show. Stay tuned for updates on Chicken Geoff, the llama and my sanity.

– Catherine Wiedman

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