TedxEHC Talk Brings ‘Simplicity’ to Campus

On Thursday, March 9, the E&H McGlothlin Center for the Arts will host a TEDx EHC talk from 6:00-9:00p.m. TEDx is a branch of the well known TEDTalk program.

However, TEDx talks adhere to certain rules and regulations, as they are local and self-organized. The upcoming TEDx talk has been organized by E&H students and will feature current students and alumni as speakers on the overall theme of “simplicity.”

Ellie Hogg, a senior at Emory & Henry, along with senior Ali Hillman, will give a talk about a project they have launched called “The Eulogy Project.” Hogg says the project “deals with processing grief (both hypothetical and real) through humor and writing.” Hogg says that the students stories will be very interesting.

Senior Jade Ritterbusch will also be giving a TEDx talk at the school-organized event. She says the highlight of the event “will be everyone’s wide variety of speeches coming together in one night.”

Ritterbusch explained that the talks will be in the spirit of connection and ampersand as a “culmination of research to be presented for the community.”

These TEDx EHC talks will be an opportunity to see the hard work of E&H students.

– Sydney Cooke

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