Pet of Week

Meet Otis! He was this year’s birthday gift, also from my friend Jordan. For a while, I did not realize that I even “owned” Otis. I was supposed to receive an adoption packet of sorts in the mail, which included items like a certificate of adoption and a photograph of Otis for me to keep. I, however, never received said packet, so a month after my birthday, my friend finally broke the news about my surprise and told me about my new friend. I hope Otis wasn’t too lonely during that time!

He also lives at the Owls Trust in Wales and has been there since he was an egg. Otis is a Collared Scopes owl and only stands about four inches tall. For an owl, he has reached quite an old age, which is an impressive feat!

Otis is a bit of an attention hog. He loves to be tickled behind the ears and spiders are his favorite snack (I can’t say I relate). He also enjoys cuddling and has many fans around the globe, including me! Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to meet him during my trip to London and Wales this past July. This, however, gives me the perfect excuse to go back for another visit! I’m overjoyed to welcome him into my little owl family!

– Lauren Sapp

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