Donald’s Trump Fear and Compensation

In his first presidential address on Tuesday, Donald Trump promoted a budget which calls for a military budget of $54 billion. This proposal is a 10 percent increase from former President Barack Obama’s military budget, according to CNN.

Actions like this reassure us of something that many of us have been thinking all along; Donald Trump is not a conservative. Imagine the outrage from fiscal conservatives that would have happened had President Obama attempted to increase anything by 10 percent.

From the perspective of a student of political philosophy, I find the entire notion of this increase to be quite hilarious.

For one point, the United States spends the most money on military in the world by a long shot. According to, the U.S. spends more money per year on its military than the next 10 countries combined. If this alone doesn’t seem shocking, consider some of these other statistics about how many military weapons the U.S. has.

In the entire world, there are only 8,400 attack helicopters; the U.S. has 6,400 of them. The United States has 10 carrier ships used to transport attack planes and things of the like; the rest of the world has 10. The U.S. is in control of every single satellite which provides GPS signal in the world. The type 99 tank has become the modern standard tank; in second place, China has 500 of these while the U.S. has 8,700 of them. To top all of this off, the United States holds approximately half of the world’s nuclear bombs, but mindfully it is also the only country to ever actually use a nuke.

Why do we need a military so big? Since World War 2, the largest country we have fought in war in regards to military budget is Iraq who has spent less than 5% of the military budget of the United States. One could argue that Russia is the threat which motivates us to spend as much as we do, but even Russia’s military budget is hardly even 10% of the United States.

Of all the things that this country needs, why are we prioritizing the military? There are people starving, people who are about to lose their healthcare which in some cases is the only way they can see a doctor, and students are coming out of college with so much debt that they go bankrupt before they’re even 30; why are we so concerned about our defense when things are as such?

Why is it that the government feels like Obamacare has been so disastrous to the U.S. and yet they’re ok with literally spending billions on arsenal that we are already overstocked in? The U.S. is currently almost spending as much on the military as it is on healthcare; we’re not at war, but people are still being forced into poverty for developing cancer. What the hell?

– Austin Falin

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