Disc Golf Club Holds Interest Meeting; Y’all Get Ready For Some Frisbees

Disc golf is a little-known and co-ed sport that has grown in popularity over the last few years. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the first known practice of disc golf was in 1974. The sport, which takes place on an outdoor course, has slowly but steadily gained recognition around the world. As the Merriam-Webster dictionary describes, players participate in disc golf by throwing Frisbees into metal disc-trapping baskets on stationary poles.

This sport is about to added to Emory & Henry’s sports venue. E&H is currently set to open a golf course that will be registered with the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) that will allow students to play in a beautiful setting. Jim Harrison, Director of Outdoor Programs, was ecstatic about the opportunity to add disc golf to Emory & Henry.  “It gets overall good reviews from novices and pros alike, so with such a resource in hand, it makes sense to cultivate a club and team,” said Harrison.

“The disc golf culture on campus has really grown over the last few years with a renovation of the course, the establishment of the HHP disc golf activity course, and key student involvement from players like Chuck Harris, a very skilled player with a reputation and connections across the region,” said Harrison.

Harrison held an interest meeting on March 1 in the Outdoor Program Center for students interested in shaping up the golf course and putting together a team. Prior to the meeting, Harrison sent a mass email to students that emphasized positive reasons for joining the disc golf club/team.

“The course is getting a lot of play, and there is excitement for disc golf on campus. The disc golf team is shaping up quickly, and Chuck will be leading some players in tournament play in the next two months,” said Harrison.

Harrison also wants to let everybody know that if you did not make it to the meeting and you are interested in getting involved in the disc golf community and/or playing in upcoming tournaments, contact him ASAP at harris@ehc.edu.

Scott Greene, an alumni who wishes he participated more in the Outdoor Program during his time at Emory & Henry, is excited for the disc golf club to get off the ground.

“I remember when no one used the course and we had to clear it all the time,” said Greene. “It’s good that the course is gonna see some use now.”

Hailey Ellis, a junior who has participated in kayaking clinics through the Outdoor Program, thinks that disc golf will be a good use for the course.

“It gives students something new and exciting to do,” said Ellis. “Especially when it gets warmer on campus and everybody wants to be outside. I don’t know much about disc golf, but I know some people who would probably be interested,” said Ellis.

Interested students should contact Jim Harrison for more details on club meetings and activities.

– William Seidel

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