Department Scholarships Offered to Wasp Recruits

This past weekend, E&H recruits attended an open house tour for certain academic departments. These high school students were offered scholarships in five academic departments of the ones being toured. The Civic Innovation, Spiritual Life and Mass Communication Departments were among those who participated.

In the Mass Communications Department, three scholarships were offered for potential incoming first-years. Hailey Ellis, Catherine Wiedman and Abby Hathorn were three Mass Communications students who worked as ambassadors for the high school recruits on March 4.

“It was very inspiring to see recruits in action. It remind me of my days as a wee first year, so long ago,” said Catherine Wiedman, a Mass Communications student and work study intern within the department. “They were timid, but we got them to open up. I am excited for the future of my department, even though I won’t be here,” said Wiedman.

The Mass Communications tour consisted of the upgraded radio station in the McGlothlin Center for the Arts, the EHC-TV station in Miller and the Mass Communications Mac computer lab in Miller. In the computer lab, Dr. Finney led three potential high school recruits in a hands-on workshop through determining news values and organizing multimedia stories.

“I thought that they all did really well. They will all be very good additions to the Mass Comm department, they have promising futures. They were open to ideas in different areas, no matter if it was print or video or audio or any other medium,” said sophomore Hailey Ellis.

– Orion Rummler

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