Pet of the Week

Teddy is my adopted owl who currently resides at the Owls Trust in northern Wales. I received him as a birthday present in 2015 from my best friend Jordan. He’s a Tengmalm’s owl and stands about six or seven inches tall.

I had the opportunity to visit Teddy in person this past July while I was studying abroad in London. The Owls Trust is a nonprofit that houses owls and other animals that cannot survive on their own in the wild. In Teddy’s case, he has a deformed wing, one which does not give him much trouble, but would make normal survival in the wild difficult.

During my visit, I was able to hold Teddy myself and pet his head, which was very soft. Teddy is best described as a little bit of a hooligan and quite the troublemaker. He enjoys hiding food and other small items in the corners of his cage, yet acts completely surprised when his caretakers find them. However, he’s just so cute that I think it’d be impossible to stay too angry at him for long.

For those who know me, owls are my favorite animal, and I never thought I’d have one as a “pet.” Thanks to Jordan for my tiny feathered friend! Owl never forget that day!

– Lauren Sapp

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