Hermesian Society Accepts New Inductees

The Hermesian Literary Society has accepted a record number of inductees since the society’s refounding.

Students Noe Amellal, Henry Dalby, Lexi Demers, Ellie Hogg, Layne Hubble, Jacob Lawson, Colt Pierce, Jade Ritterbusch and Rachel Smoot have all been inducted into the society as active members. Their induction debates took place on Thursday, Feb. 23 and Tuesday, Feb. 28.

The inductees debated each other in a Lincoln-Douglas style on topics ranging from the morality of abortion and prostitution, the credentials of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, the ethics of jury nullification and whether or not birth control should be provided by the government. Due to the high number of inductees, the debates were spaced out over two days. The debates began on 7:30 each night, and lasted until approximately 9 p.m.

The first debate took place between Lexi Demers and Rachel Smoot in regards to the resolution: Betsy Devos is fit to serve as the United States Secretary of Education. Demers argued on behalf of the affirmative side, and Smoot took on the negative side of the debate. Smoot won the debate, after close consideration by the judges.

The second resolution, Jury Nullification is an ethical process within the American Legal System, was debated by Noe Amellal and Jacob Lawson. Amellal, the winner of the debate, argued the negative side. Lawson took on the affirmative side.

Ellie Hogg, a former member of the Calliopean Society, debated the third resolution with Colt Pierce. Their resolution was: A just government provides birth control to its citizens. After a close decision from the judges, Hogg ultimately won the debate. Hogg debated the affirmative side, while Pierce argued on behalf of the negative.

The fourth debate, which was based on the resolution: On balance, abortion is a morally justified procedure, took place between Jade Ritterbusch and Henry Dalby. The winner of the debate was Dalby, who argued the affirmative of the resolution.

The final debate, which closed out the inductee debates on Feb. 28, took place between inductee Layne Hubble and member actual to Kaeleigh Damico. Daminco has been a member of the Society for several years, but she served as a substitute in order for Hubble to complete her induction.

– Orion Rummler

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