Astrology Report

Happy Friday! February 18 marked the beginning of Pisces season; I wish a happy birthday to all Pisceans (until March 20th). Today, the Moon is in Taurus, a Fixed Earth sign.

Taurean emotions are controlled by security and stability, and due to a stubborn demeanor, it can be difficult to escape or change one’s current mental state. Emotions at this time also seem to be near tangible and very real. A lot of time and effort must be dedicated to dealing with them, sometimes with the help of others. You may find that you feel dominated by a sense of peace and calmness—this is nice, but you will lack the ability to change and adapt quickly. The desire for material assets will rise, people will be greedier and stingier, and money/material possessions become extremely important.

On the positive side, focusing on work and endurance is usually rewarded with breathtaking results. This is a very good time for aesthetic changes—wardrobe update or new hair styling.

Redecorate/arrange your living space at this time for optimal results. This is also a great time to be in the presence of family and close friends. Cook a dinner and invite friends over for what is sure to be a good time.

Advice to Taurus Sun/Moon: Your tenacity and stubborn habits will reap gold today. Be careful to not be so focused on “self” that you neglect others.

Advice to all: Take the time to love on your family. Especially those who are newly Greek!

– Essence Smith

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