ADDYs 2017: E&H Mass Communications Dept. Honored

The Department of Mass Communications brought home several awards Saturday, Feb. 25 from the annual ADDY awards gala hosted by the American Advertising Federation of Southwest Virginia at the Wayne C. Henderson School for Appalachian Arts in Marion. This year’s theme was “ADDY in Paradise” which featured sunset scenes, a margarita bar and cool sunglasses.
In the student category, three senior Mass Communications majors received awards for class projects video and design work.

Kelsey Hubbard and Catherine Wiedman received a Silver ADDY in the single spot video category for their promotional video package about the Teaching, Learning and Leadership Institute to be held at E&H this summer. Hubbard and Wiedman have both earned ADDY awards from the AAF in the past. The ADDY awards recognize professional and student work in advertising in forms of video, print, web and other fields through AAF. This year’s sponsor was Clinch Valley Printing.

“It was really cool to receive this award with Catherine because I wasn’t expecting anything at all. It was a nice surprise especially since it’s my senior year. It was a bittersweet experience to hear my name called for possibly the last time,” said Hubbard.

Along with Hubbard and Wiedman, senior Jordan Hawkins earned two ADDY awards. Her first was a Silver ADDY for a quote art design piece. Her second award was a Gold ADDY for a 30-second PSA video about Gun Safety that she created for her Electronic Media class. Winning a Gold award qualifies Hawkins’s submission to be judged on the national level.

“I am so proud to have been honored this year,” said Wiedman. “I am amazed by my peers like Jordan and Kelsey, and I love seeing our work get showcased. We absolutely would not have been here without the help and support of the Mass Communications department though. I owe everything to my professors. These awards are for them.”

Hawkins, Hubbard and Wiedman were not the only members of the E&H community to be recognized that evening. Dr. Teresa Keller was named the 2017 Silver Medal Award winner much to her surprise. The Silver Medal Award is given to a professional individual in honor of a lifetime of achievements. Dirk Moore, winner of the 2015 Silver Medal Award, gave a moving address listing Keller’s numerous achievements over the decades. He noted her academic research and practical experience in the field including her video work on the national news scene.

“I think this award is very well-deserved and very well-timed as it is my last year with her,” said Hubbard. “It’s great to see a professor that means a lot to me and has helped my personal growth to be recognized for the amazing work she has done. There is no one more deserving.

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