Wanted Pet of the Week

If you’ve ever met me, there are some things that you understand instantly: I love Harry Potter, I really want to be the next Jane Austen, and I’m obsessed with penguins. They are the cutest and silliest of animals, and I LOVE them! Have you ever watched those Facebook compilations of penguins falling all over the place? Those penguins basically fall all over the place!

I think I might love these adorable animals because I am secretly a penguin. I fall often (like really often) and I am short, or, as I like to say, fun sized. Let’s be honest, in the picture on the left I am the little penguin. You can ask my friends, I basically look like that penguin.

So why am I writing about penguins? Because I want one! I may not have pets of my own, but I would be the happiest person alive if I could come home to a penguin every night. I may not like the cold, like at all, but I will gladly suffer for the comfort of my fuzzy friend. I mean look at that little face! How could you not love it?

– Kelsey Hubbard

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