Teach-ins On Campus: Bringing Hard Discussions to Light

It is no surprise that our country has been a political, social, and economic hotbed. Recent domestic and international events have divided and ignited us. These tensions are deeply felt on Emory & Henry’s campus as colleges are typically filled with politically minded youths. Marches and protests have arisen at E&H, as well discussion groups and lyceums, in response to the outside tensions.

A project that is currently underway is the creation of teach-ins on campus. Historically teach-ins arose during the Vietnam War. They were discussions held on campus that aimed to provide students with information about the war. Topics included economic and human losses, results of battles, and the draft. The goal of these discussions was to present accurate information and encourage anti-war activity. Teach-ins were often held in public places as well so that members of college communities could join the students.

E&H has proposed teach-ins for the community in response to present conflicts and issues. Dr St. Clair says that potential topics include: “the Affordable Care Act; Women’s and Family Issues; Freedom of the Press; Immigration; as well as others.” Details are still being worked out about scheduling, and who will present. The teach-ins will be open to all students, faculty and staff.

– Sydney Cooke

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