EAB Sponsors Evening of Laser Tag

This past Saturday, students attended an EAB-sponsored laser tag battle set up in the Martin-Brock gym. Students were able to form teams of six and battle it out from 8 p.m. until midnight. Tropical Extremes Laser Battle, based in Florida, organized the event in partnership with EAB.

The goal of each game was simple. Eliminate every player on the opposing team to achieve victory. Team after team faced each other and fought to the figurative death to determine who was the best of the best in the realm of laser battles.

Prior to stepping on the battlefield, players were given their equipment. Each player was issued a laser tag gun and a vest with sensors that functioned as targets. The groups were then divided into two teams. The staff of the game went over the rules and instructions to ensure both teams played fair.

Both sets of players were then sent out to the battlefield to prepare to fight. Once the fight began, both teams scrambled to find cover and shoot at their enemy team. Players worked throughout the night to find the best cover and position to take down their targets. After a night of flanking, maneuvering, and firing, only one group would emerge victorious. Players would then retreat back to the sideline and the process would begin again.

This years laser battle was a fun success. Many students spent hours battling against their friends to see who was the best. The Martin-Brock gym was filled with shouts and lasers as students spent their Saturday evening. Many left excited and happy. Ron Miller, first-year, said that the experience was “90/10 would recommend [sic].”

This is not the first time Emory & Henry has hosted a laser battle for its students. Following Orientation week last year, a laser battle took place on the Chapel front lawn. The battles attracted many, just as it did this year. And, if this year is any hint, the players are just getting better.

– James Austin

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