Pet(s) of the Week

Heck fren, here’s my doggos. Levi (left) and Lucas (right) are now a year and two months old. We adopted them from an animal shelter near my hometown in Big Stone Gap, Va. Their names aren’t just randomly adorable brother names; I named each of them based on latin words for their personalities. When we first met Levi, he was the dog who sat in the back of the cage while all the other puppies came running forward. My sister picked him up and he immediately nestled up to her. As such, I named him Levis which means light or gentle in Latin. On the other extreme, Lucas was the most energetic puppy I have ever seen; he was the type to pee when you pet him out of excitement. Accordingly, I named him Ludicrous, Lucas for short, which is Latin for playful and sportus. They are mainly kept outside of the house, but being a more medium size dogs we bring them inside to be bathed and cuddled any time we have a good excuse such as the weather.

– Austin Falin

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