NY Knicks in Trouble?

The New York Knicks have been very well known in the National Basketball Association for many years. The New York Knicks are two-time NBA champions, having won it all in 1970 and 1973.

Ever since then, the Knicks have had their fair share of difficulties. They have seen major talent in players like Patrick Ewing, Stephon Marbury, and Carmelo Anthony. However, in the past few years the New York Knicks and the organization has been a complete circus.

Phil Jackson, who was a member of both championship teams, is currently the president of the New York Knicks organization. Jackson has won many championships as a player and coach of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers. However, as president of the New York Knicks, Phil Jackson has found very little success. Jackson has kept the New York Knicks in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Last week, Phil Jackson made unnecessary comments about his star player Carmelo Anthony. This prompted former Knick basketball player and season ticketholder Charles Oakley to lose his patience. After seeing his team struggle for years and to hear what Jackson thought about their star player, Oakley was fed up.

Last Wednesday, while the New York Knicks were playing the Los Angeles Clippers, Charles Oakley got into a physical altercation with a member of the Madison Square Garden Security Team. Once things were settled and tempers were calmed, more headlines were made.

Team owner James Dolan and president Phil Jackson agreed that Charles Oakley was to be banned from Madison Square Garden for the rest of his life. After national outrage and widespread controversy, a meeting was held between James Dolan, Charles Oakley, Michael Jordan, and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. Resolutions seem to be made as James Dolan made a national statement that said he wished Oakley would return to Madison Square Garden and start coming again on a regular basis.

The New York Knicks currently hold a 23-33 record and are 12th in the Eastern Conference. The New York Knicks have two road games and a break over All-Star Weekend before returning to Madison Square Garden to host the Philadelphia 76ers. The New York Knick faithful is hoping to see Charles Oakley amongst them for the rest of the season. Since then the ban has been lifted by the Knicks.

– Peyton Williams

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