Astrology Report

Hello all! We are moving what seems to be swiftly through this New Year. Thursday brings us a beautiful Moon in Scorpio, a Waning Gibbous to be specific. We shift to Sagittarius on Sunday, so be not dismayed if the elements are not in your total favor.

With the Moon moving into this fixed water sign, emotions are as deep and riveting as ocean currents. The Fixed Modality of the Scorpio influences emotions to be ruled by a need for security and stability. It becomes difficult in this case to alter current mental states. This can cause you to be stubborn, and less likely to adapt to a team mentality. In more extreme cases, anxiety in social situations can be raised. Be strong and know that you are loved, welcomed, and accepted.

Scorpio is also a water sign (along with Cancer + Pisces). As the Moon transits this sign, strong emotions and feelings push us to the precipices of our behaviors and we become the most extreme versions of ourselves, with a tendency to project emotions. Debates and disagreements become blowouts and indifference becomes pure and exaggerated apathy. Be careful not to seem too detached or engaged in situations that do not call for it, and place your emotions on others. We will experience a heightened subconscious, as well as strong intuition. This will increase the understanding of mysterious, dark, and unexplainable topics.

On the plus side, Moon in Scorpio brings better focus and concentration. This elevated sharpness of the mind provides a favorable time to work in sciences, math, and psychology—or to hone a particular/extraordinary ability.

Advice to all: For the next few days, focus on finding the root of problems in your life. Shallow analysis of issues just won’t cut it for now. Remain tactful and sensible in your personal relationships (sexual relationships often worsen during this time). Family relationships can turn scandalous—now is not the time for a family gathering or celebration.

Sun/Moon in Scorpio: Those who are blessed to have these placements often have a wonderful time when the Moon is in Scorpio. Be careful to not seem insensitive to those who may not be having the best week (particularly your zodiac opposites, Tauruses)!

– Essence Smith

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