App Center to Host ‘Trump Resistance Meetings’

Monday, January 30 was the first meeting of a group of students in the Appalachian Center to discuss the Trump administration. The discussion was initiated by a group of students who wanted to debrief after attending the Women’s March on Washington.

The group has yet to vote on an official name, but according to Maggie Oberman, they are loosely based on the Resist Trump Tuesdays that has created. The group is hoping to solidify a day and time each week to continue discussions in the App Center.
Maggie Oberman, Civic Engagement Coordinator at the Appalachian Center for Civic Life, is one faculty member at the App Center who has helped organize the meetings.

“The App Center is an inclusive, welcoming, and supportive place for all on campus– not just those of liberal-minded perspectives,” said Oberman, in reference to the meetings. All students are welcome to attend and discuss issues related to the Trump administration.
“It’s a gathering of community members, faculty, staff and students who want to have regular resistance meetings,” Oberman said. “It’s brainstorming time, it’s action time, it’s collaboration.”

So far, the group has discussed initiatives such as calling senators and congresspeople on issues related to the Trump administration.

“This resistance group is not sponsored by the Appalachian Center,” Oberman clarified. “We are providing a space for community members to gather to discuss actions, share, and brainstorm.”

– Sydney Cooke

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