Wasps Dive by Opponents on Senior Day

It was a special senior night for the Lady Wasps in their dominance over King College, and Milligan University. Emory and Henry finished by winning 8 of the 11 events and capped it off by setting yet another school record. Seniors Lauren Blakey, Jordan Greenburg, Kia Hamilton, Michaela Nolte, and Jessica Richardson, finished the night defeating King 115 to 74, and victorious 135 to 29.

Setting another school record by beating her previous school record, Richardson decreased 3.77 seconds off her old record and won the 100-meter backstroke in 1:08.22. Starting off the night with the 200-meter medley relay, the Wasps with Richardson, Juniors Kelsey Jones, Brianna Chessock, and first-year Taylor Simmons beat everyone by 14 seconds putting up a time of 2:13.46. In the 200-meter freestyle, first-year Savanah Scarborough finished third and Simmons took fourth place, who also dropped her time by four seconds.
“The seniors made the freshman feel really supported and the transition from high school to college swimming much easier,” said Simmons. The seniors for the Wasps had a profound impact overall on this program, by setting several school records and preparing the team for what lies ahead after they leave.

Next, the team heads to the ODAC tournament and looks to take the tournament by storm. In Greensboro, North Carolina, The Wasps look to be successful on all four of the days and be able to send as many swimmers as possible to Nationals. The Wasps have had a tremendous season and look to cap it off with an ODAC Championship.

– Mossi Tager

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